Each investor has its preferred way of dealing with opportunities. Over the years we’ve established our own preferred method. It probably applies to most investors out there today.

If you are thinking of raising funds from us, and from many other investors, consider these points:

Research who we are and where we invest before you apply to us. The best way to get our attention is always via a warm introduction from someone we know and trust.

Never send an email stating you have a great idea and want a meeting without including who you are, and what the opportunity is, plus attachments (see below).

Never send a LinkedIn connection request without details. We don’t know you, so why would we make you a ‘connection’? As in 2., if you can’t take the time to explain who you are and what you are approaching us for, it shows us that you are either not serious, or not respectful of our time. If we are in a process with you, we certainly don’t want the world to know, so don’t expect that we will accept your LinkedIn during the process.

Send a deck. We don’t like executive summaries. Maybe they were relevant a decade ago. A deck tells us a story, and it explains, hopefully in short form, who you are, what you are doing, and why your venture matters. It shows us that you know how to communicate and that you’ve researched your opportunity. We’ve never seen Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk explain a new product without a deck, and without preparation.

Don’t try setup a phone call, video conference or a meeting without sending information — it defeats the purpose of having us focused. We like to be prepared and so we do research before we meet. This is critical to ensure we all understand the opportunity. We simply won’t meet just to waste our time or yours.

Looking forward to hearing from you !

Investor. Serial Entrepreneur. @aeyal1 @entreecap #proudinvestor: @cazoouk @pillpack @seatgeek @mondaydotcom @fundbox @stash @gustohq @howtoprospa @riskified

Investor. Serial Entrepreneur. @aeyal1 @entreecap #proudinvestor: @cazoouk @pillpack @seatgeek @mondaydotcom @fundbox @stash @gustohq @howtoprospa @riskified