From the day I met Assaf Feldman and Eido Gal, I have always been consistently impressed with their ability to focus, deliver on their promises and always deal with everyone in an unassuming and thoughtful way, all with no arrogance.

At Entrée Capital, we are proud and honored to have been a first and consistent investor in the company, and I am proud to have served on the Board for a number of years. …

Andy Warhol

Startup founders often struggle when it comes to engaging journalists. They are unable to craft compelling stories about their companies, and when they have breaking news to share, they inadequately capture the announcement’s relevance and why the media would want it covered.

Entrée Capital’s Spotlight Event, a series that helps startup founders grow their companies, covered this very topic at its most recent event.

“Satisfaction, came in the chain reaction…I couldn’t get enough, ‘till I had to self-destruct”. The Trammps, Disco Inferno.

Recently, CBInsights published a report detailing 339 startup failure post-mortems. One of their key findings was that 70% of tech startups after raising on average $1.3m failed around 20 months. Turns out the two big killers of startups were “No Market Need”, and “Running out of Cash”.

One founder wrote : “We have run out of time and have not been able to secure funding for the company…I will never be able to forgive myself for not taking action sooner.”

This highlights…

“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.” Hal Borland.

My previous blog “Winter’s Coming…” a month ago discussed some key actions for startups over the next few months and projected how long the pandemic would be with us. In this article, I’d like to share some of the thoughts about the very different world we’ll find as we slowly emerge from COVID19. By no means do these thoughts represent a comprehensive view of everything. Rather they are a small subset of what may be.

The new WFH (work from home) / life balance.

We’re finding that most of us can, in fact, work from home for prolonged…

We shared this note a few days ago with the founders and CEO’s of Entrée Capital’s portfolio companies.

We are sharing this important information and advice with you. Please take it seriously — we will be in touch over the coming days to discuss specific action plans for your business.

If viewed through the lens of a startup, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak looks overblown. Chances are you wont get sick, and if you do, chances are good you’ll be fine. Of course you say this because you’re generally under 40 years old.

HOWEVER, unfortunately you don’t live alone and…

We are excited to provide the definitive and updated 2020 list of the Automotive Ecosystem in Israel.

The list has a number of categories that include Fleet Management, Parking, Cyber, Connectivity, V2X, Sensors, Over the Air, DashCam, Engine Battery/Energy, Mapping, and more.

A big thank you to Ran Achituv, Managing Partner at Entrée Capital who sponsored ad put the list together and Blue White Robotics, the leading RaaS (Robotics As A Service company), for co-sponsoring and helping out.

You’ll find the full list here :

How an insatiable appetite for the future and a lack of a fear of failure is propelling Israeli entrepreneurs to great success, and why we think this will continue.

Founder Collective recently published an insightful post quantifying the various startup hubs across the globe using exit value as the key metric. David Frankel and Joseph Flaherty contend that “There’s never been a better time to build a company outside the Bay Area.” — As regards Israel, we couldn’t agree more!

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), Israel’s exit values surpassed those of Germany and France combined over the past decade. …

Every startup at the Seed Stage can learn from the challenges experienced a few years ago, when it was struggling to find product market fit and money and time were running out.

Hosted by Lior Krengel and Eran Zinman, ‘Startup for Startup’ is a podcast where openly shares its knowledge, experience and actionable insights among startups. The podcast was originally recorded in Hebrew in May 2019, and is available here. What follows is the translated and transcribed podcast.

This week we’re going back in time to a period of uncertainty for — January 2014. We still had…

Convertible Notes and SAFE’s (“Notes”) are viewed as a simple and fast way to raise capital with few terms and restrictions — Yet, it’s not all a bed of roses.

As an investor, we have utilized Notes many times as a way to guarantee maintaining or increasing our shareholding in a startup ahead of the next financing round. We do this to generally achieve one of the following:

(i) to act quickly ahead of Investors fighting for equity so we retain or increase our shareholding;

(ii) in ‘bridge’ situations where a startup shows promise but does not have the metrics/product…

Moran Price, CEO of IRP Systems. Image from the Ma’ariv newspaper in Israel.

The Israeli high-tech company IRP Systems’ decision to adapt the technology it developed of electrical propulsion for the aviation industry to the global car industry, forced it to take a dramatic step — secure the right investors at the right time.

“For me, an investor is never just a financial investor,” explains the CEO Moran Price, rather, a partner in every sense of the word.”

The atmosphere was very exciting at the launch event for the fourth China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit held a few weeks ago at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Avi Eyal

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